About Techkshetra 2k19

Fight for Future.

What is techkshetra ?

Techkshetra, the biennial technical festival of Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology, is a treasure trove of a wide range of events that bring together students of all fields for a day like no other. With a wide variety of events which encompass every wavelength and aspect of a student, participants get a chance to witness and be part of something extraordinary. From drones to artificial intelligence, we have it all. Not to mention, the cultural programs that make up a large part of the event. Come, be a part of something bigger; a place where all outdated rules go out of the window and you are free to create and discover your passion as you please.

Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology

Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology (RSET), Kakkanad, Kochi is a premier educational institution offering excellence in engineering education and research. RSET is part of the Rajagiri Vidyapeetham, a dream eternal being unfolded in time through the quest for excellence in the pursuit for wisdom. As an institution which bears the traditional Rajagiri hallmark of academic brilliance and social commitment, RSET has successfully carved a niche for itself in the sphere of engineering education in the state within a very short span of its existence.

Theme - Fight for Future

Techkshetra is a National level Technical Fest featuring interesting technical contests, designed to test technical knowledge and aptitude to the hilt.Every year TECHKSHETHRA chooses a theme that is of relevance in the present world. The theme behind Techkshetra 2K19 - Fight For Future, comes from the need for battling climate change and aims at connecting students from campuses all over India to join hands for a better tomorrow. Climate change is an important issue pressing down on the shoulders of human race as a whole. In light of the recent protests against climate change by children around the world, we have come to realize that we are destroying our home. The innovations in science and technology has brought us a long way and made our life a lot easier, however the advancements in technology over the years have come at a cost of us, endangering almost a million other species who share this beautiful planet with us. Humans have been in constant conflict with the environment by exploiting the resources at an alarming rate. We as engineers face the moral dilemma of having to choose between technology and survival. Techkshethra 2k19 intends on invoking a sense of awareness among the students, regarding the perils of climate change and have a variety of workshops focusing on the same. It is a crowd puller with college students across the state participating enthusiastically in these events. By appreciating and participating in such endeavors we find ourselves connecting to the cause emotionally and working for it. Honestly, its high time that every single one of us ask ourselves the question "How dare we?"